Ahmedinejad’s  interview with CNN Larry King

Lary King: In the west we are very concerned by your constant anti Semitic views, I would like to know what good came out of your
conference on the deniers of Jewish holocaust.

Ahmedinejad: My views are not anti Semitic, Quite to the contrary we learned during that conference that you people exterminated 8
million Jews.

Larry King: What do you mean “you” and I believe the number was 6 million.

Ahmedinejad: Larry I strongly protest against minimizing the crime against humanity and I did not know that you were anti-Semitic.
Yes 2 additional million were killed earlier by you over last 1000 years. Yes by you I mean white Christians. Jewish holocaust of 8
million was a white Christian crime. This is one of the many past and ongoing crimes that you people have committed against
humanity. From extermination of millions of American Indians to 2 million Muslims killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 10
years. Before that another million Afghans perished in the Russian (white Christian) Afghan invasion. These are all your collective
crimes and Arabs or Muslims did not kill 8 million Jews.

If you read the history of Jews by
Chaim Potok

In this book the name of the chapter which discusses the history of Jews in relationship to the Christians is “When the Terror
Descends.”  Over the centuries millions of additional Jews were killed in massacre after massacre by white Christians in Europe and
Middle East. While in the above book the chapter dealing with relationship with the Muslims is named “The Nightingales in the Desert”
The golden age of the Jews was under the 800 year Muslim rule in Spain.

Larry king: Let us now turn to the frequent accusations laid against the Jews by yourself and other Muslim leaders like Mohammad
Mahathir of Malaysia that Jews rule the west.  What are your comments regarding that?

Ahmedinejad: Keeping  in mind massacre after massacre against the Jews by you people described by Chaim Potok and other Jewish
historians the question should be why the Jews should not control your Governments and economy?  I think the Jews should rule the
West and that is the only way they will feel safe from your tyranny. They absolutely should control you. You should be their slaves to
keep you from killing people. If that is happening I fully support that.

Larry King: What do you think about the Israeli Palestinian Conflict?

Ahmedinejad:  This is very unfortunate and big test for the Palestinians as well as Jews.  Let us consider the Jews first. They are
described as the chosen people in the Bible as well as the Quran. It is no joke when God chooses a people. Jewish world population
is just a few millions however they have produced majority of  the noble prize winners in the world. They are responsible for the laws
protecting the human rights in many western countries. Because of the Jewish Lawyers and activist blacks and other minorities have
rights inscribed in the American constitution.  You cannot compare the highly talented and educated Jews to the uneducated Hutu and
Tutsi tribesmen who were committing the massacres in Rawanda. However I am sorry to say that these highly educated and talented
people who tirelessly remind us of the Jewish holocaust have committed and continue to commit heinous crimes against another
people the Palestinians and you Christians are supporting them.

Larry King: That is quite a turnaround I thought you will keep on praising the Jews.

Ahmedinejad :  Let me add more to that. We Muslims believe that everything in the world happens for a purpose. The collection of
Jews from across the world back to Israel is also mentioned in the Quran. Every people have a chance to prove to the world and to
Creator of the universe of what they are worthy off. They will get a chance to show how good bad and evil they are before Gods
judgment falls on them. Jews never really got this chance in the past. They had few short lived kingdoms thousands of years ago.
Now they have a real country to show to the world and to God what kind of people they really are. History is unfolding in blinding blitz
of world media. There is an irony to all this. The full glory of Jewish actions in Israel and Palestine cannot develop if the exposure is
complete. So it appears that by a divine action or hand the news is not quite getting out. This is allowing the Israelis to commit untold
atrocities behind a veil of media complicity. Divine evidence is being allowed to develop and accumulate before Divine judgment.

Larry King: President Obama severely criticized you for your 911 comment that some people within the US government were behind
911. Why would you make such an outrageous  comment close to ground Zero?

Ahmedinejad :  I was merely reflecting on results of many polls within US that almost 3rd of Americans believe that 911 was an inside
job. There are many groups, organizations, architects, pilots, scientists, and professors of physics who are part of a large movement
in USA which believe that US Government has something to hide regarding 911. That is almost 100 million Americans. I think you
need to check your water supply as to why so many people are making such outrageous claims. Just imagine a country armed with
7000 nuclear weapons where 3rd of the populations believes in conspiracy theories.  How should rest of the world feel specially with
your history of using atomic weapons on two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

                          The above is a hypothetical Interview which Ahmedinejad should have given if he was really that smart.