Is there any alien intelligent life?

              Although the discovery of any form of life outside the earth would be dramatic, humankind is especially interested in
knowing whether there is any alien intelligent life in the universe. NASA previously had a program on the search for extraterrestrial
intelligence (SETI).Although now scrapped due to budget cuts, private SETI organizations (19) have now been made which
continue the search. The Planetary Society, (20) a private organization, in which the film director Steven Speilberg (21) is a
member of the Board of Directors, has the largest SETI program in the world. So far, no sign of alien intelligent life has turned up.
Can the Quran provide an answer?

              Sura 27:65 commands ,"Say: None in the heavens or on earth, except God, knows what is hidden: nor can they perceive
when they shall be raised up (for Judgment)." (22) This shows that, like humans, there are other creatures in the universe that will
also be raised from the dead .We are told in 19:93-96,"Not one of the beings in the heavens and the earth but must come to (God)
Most Gracious as a servant. He does take an account of them (all) ,and hath numbered them (all) exactly .And everyone of them will
come to Him singly on the Day of Judgment. On those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, will (God) Most Gracious
bestow love." (23) From these verses we learn that there are alien life forms that, like us, will also be judged according to the works
that they do during their lives. Among them are the believers. Therefore, naturally, there will also be those aliens who are
unbelievers. The believers will be rewarded. The life forms being described in the above verses can hardly be expected to be
microorganisms. The Quran is referring to creatures of a level of development that makes them morally accountable beings. They
must be organisms possessing qualities which we would ascribe to intelligent life forms.

              In Sura 72:14-15, jinn (a type of spiritual life form, which the Quran mention as living on the earth) say, "Amongst us are
some that submit their wills (to God),and some that swerve from justice. Now those who submit their wills- they have sought out (the
path) of right conduct: But those who swerve- they are (but) fuel for Hell-fire." (24) The Quran mentions that good jinn will be
rewarded with Paradise. Summing up from all the above verses, it is clear that Judgment Day is for creatures in the whole universe
(Sura 39:68-"The Trumpet will (just) be sounded when all that are in the heavens and on earth will swoon, except such as it will
please God (to exempt).Then will a second one be sounded, when, behold, they will be standing and looking on!") (25) and like jinn,
aliens will also be sharing Paradise and Hell with humans. In fact, the Quran mentions that Paradise is of a size like that of our
present universe- 57:21,"Therefore (vie) with one another for the pardon of your Lord, and for a Paradise as vast as heaven and
earth, prepared for those who believe in Allah and His apostles." (26) Therefore, it is not surprising that when we are sharing this
universe with aliens, we should share Paradise and Hell with them too. The Quran shows us, that not only do aliens exist, but among
them are also intelligent beings.