Mankind will rise from the grave inside the hollow structure of the earth to observe many strange things. (When sight is
confounded.) Both the sun and the moon will not be visible from within the hollow earth; however the scene will be that of a lunar
eclipse as there will be reduced light due to complete absence of the sun. The moon will be completely hidden from view being
located outside the earth’s hollow structure. (The moon is eclipsed.) The gateways to beyond the universe will form in the center-sky,
and will be visible continuously as a single light. This may cause us to wonder whether the sun and the moon have become one: (The
sun and moon are united). It is interesting how this dilemma is mentioned in the following verses in the Quran beginning with “When
sight is confounded,” indicating that what will be seen will be confusing.
Qur'an Chapter 78 Verse 19
                                                   WILL WE REGRESS TO NOTHINGNESS WITH THE REVERSAL OF TIME?

           To an inquiring mind, it may occur that the reversal of time can lead to the resurrection from the grave. If this process
remained unchecked then we will continue to grow younger, pass through our childhood and regress into nothingness in our mother’s
wombs. This is also what time reversal theories say, again a purposeless exercise. Well not quite so! The thought of the great and
final earthquake may instill fear into our hearts, but the real purpose is to make the higher dimensions accessible for escape from the
collapsing universe. God has designed the universe with great precision. After the resurrection, arrangements have been made, to
escape the unrelenting effect of time reversal, to beyond this universe.  Portals or gates will open in the sky, a concept similar to the
black holes. To understand this peculiar happening we will briefly look at the concept of higher dimensions.


           Mathematically there are an infinite number of dimensions. However we only live in a three dimensional space. Every object
in our daily lives has a length, width, and height. The concept that there are more than three dimensions is impossible to imagine.  
However, higher dimensions do exist as intense gravity near the sun causes the space to curve in an extra higher dimension. Einstein
considered this for the first time and was able to accurately calculate the orbit of the inner planet Mercury.  Einstein's theory of general
relativity is based on the concept of higher dimensions.

           We may gain some insight into the concept of higher dimensions by studying the problems faced by people in the past. There
was a time when people believed that the earth is flat. They were afraid of the possibility of falling off the earth if they traveled too far.
This cannot happen because the surface of the earth is curved and continuous like that of a sphere. To get off the earth we just need
to move in a dimension (direction) that is perpendicular to the surface. That is straight up, from anywhere we are. We face a similar
conceptual problem in understanding the higher dimensions.  We may imagine that we can leave the universe only by traveling very
far, but that is also not true. Even if we traveled billions of miles, we will remain within the confines of our three dimensional space.  

           The only way to go beyond the universe is by moving into a higher dimension in a direction that is perpendicular to our three
dimensional space, right from where we are. In the present expanding universe this is not possible, as our space is not continuous
with the higher dimensions. For that to happen, our space will have to literally be torn apart first and then be connected to the higher
dimensions. Can this happen in the center of the black holes?
Qur'an Chapter 78 Verse 19
And heaven is opened and becomes as gates.
Qur'an Chapter 69 Verse 16
The heavens will split asunder, for on that day it will be frail.
Quran Chapter 75 Verse 7-9
When the sight is confounded, And the moon is eclipsed (hidden from view),
And sun and moon are united. (Appear as one light).
                                                      THE BLACK HOLES: “THE BLOCKED GATEWAYS" TO THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS       

          The opening of gates in the sky is a concept similar to that of black holes. Such openings can be the gateways to beyond the
universe through the higher dimensions.  Massive stars, which collapse inward under their own weight, can form black holes.  Gravity
in such objects is so strong that even light cannot escape and they become invisible. Hence, the name black holes.  Some physicists
believe that space-time may be ripped apart in the black holes, producing gateways to beyond this universe. The curvature producing
mass of the black hole however also blocks the opening, thus preventing anything from escaping to the higher dimensions.

                                             TRANSFORMATION OF EARTH AND TRANS LOCATION OF SKY
On the day when the earth will be changed to other than this earth
And the heavens also and they will come forth unto God, The One The Almighty.   
Qur'an: 14:48
                                                      ANGELS DESCEND THROUGH THE GATES IN THE SKY

           The reversed gravity in the contracting universe will open gates in the center-sky of the earth. A spectacular site will be
thousands of angels descending down to accomplish the task assigned to them on the Day of Judgment.
That you shall "ride" on from plane to plane. Qur'an: 84:19
Think of the day when, We remove the hills, and you see the earth emerging and
We gather them together, as to leave not one of them behind. Qur'an 18: 47
           In our final journey through the gates that will open in the center sky, we may cross many planes or dimensions. The word
“ride” is used in the Quran, as if this journey will be accomplished by riding on "something."
                                                                                 THE FINAL JOURNEY TO THE BEYOND

           The collapsing universe will ultimately be destroyed in a fireball which physicists call the "Big Crunch." Everyone will be
gathered much before that time comes and no one will be left behind. The angels of “The grand descent” may accomplish the
gathering and removal of humans to “The beyond”. Anyone remaining behind could regress to nothingness, as time will be running
A day when the heaven with the clouds will be rent asunder and the angels will be sent down, a grand descent. Quran 25:25
           As we leave this universe we may be collected together on some vast plane in another dimension, everyone will come from
all times and places in history to face the judgment of their deeds and heaven and hell.
           In the contracting universe, the problem of blocked black holes should not exist. The reversal of gravity in the contracting
phase will change all large masses like earth and planets into massive hollow structures with empty skies in their center. In the
expanding universe time appears to be linked to the expansion of space and gravity tends to slow the expansion. In the contracting
universe time will be linked to the contraction of space and the gravity of the earth that is focused toward its center sky will cause the
space to contract faster. This will cause faster passage of time leading to further faster contraction of space a runaway effect causing
fabric of space-time to be torn apart, forming portals or gateways to the higher dimensions. The weakness of space time in the
contracting universe is mentioned in the following verses:
                     EARTH EXPLODES                                        BECOMES A HOLLOW SPHERE                        ANGELS DESCEND FROM GATES IN CENTER SKY
        GRAVITY REVERSES                                      EARTH TURNS INSIDE OUT                       GATES OPEN IN THE CENTER SKY   
                                                                       ECLIPSES AND THE DAY OF JUDGMENT SCENARIO

           A LUNAR ECLIPSE                             A SOLAR ECLIPSE                  JUDGMENT DAY: THE APPEARANCE IS OF A LUNAR ECLIPSE
    EARTH IN THE MIDDLE                         MOON IN THE MIDDLE                                   ONE LIGHT CONSTANTLY IN THE CENTER SKY
          During a lunar eclipse the earth casts a shadow on the moon however the sun and moon are not united as sun is on the
opposite side of the earth. While in a solar eclipse moon blocks the light of the sun by coming in front of it and sun and moon may
appear to merge (united) in the sky but it is the sun that is eclipsed. The description in the above verses does not fit either the lunar or
solar eclipse. The verses can be explained only by the unusual observation from within the hollow earth on the Day of Judgment when
only one light will be continuously present in the center sky representing the openings to the beyond. The light will not move across
the sky as sun and moon normally do and it will appear that sun and moon have become one. The twilight appearance will give a
scenario of a lunar eclipse. Similarly the stars will also disappear from the sky as they will not be visible from within the hollow
structure of the earth.
When the stars are put out. Qur'an 77:8