In the above verses the resurrection is compared to physical processes which are based on laws of nature like the growth of
plants after rain; this suggests that revival after death is also based on some physical laws.

             We know that the energy from the sun heats up the oceans and water vapour rises to produce the clouds. Temperature
differences causes the winds to blow across the continents carrying clouds to distant lands. Dormant seeds sprout into new plants with
life giving rain fall even in the harshest of places.

             Sometimes in the future as our knowledge of the universe, space and time increases the reality of  "The Day of Judgment"
may become widely accepted as the truth. Verses in the Quran suggest that the knowledge of the Day of Judgment is within the grasp
of human understanding and mankind will become aware of this knowledge.

We shall show them our signs on the horizons and within themselves, Until it will become apparent to
them, that it is the truth.  Is your Lord not sufficient since He is witness over all things?
 Qur'an 41:53
                                                                                                 MAIN THEMES OF THE DAY OF JUDGMENT

              The Quranic verses appear to describe a catastrophic event which will affect the whole universe.  This would happen as the
present phase of universal expansion reverses and contraction phase begins, causing the laws of the universe to reverse
. Reversal of
gravity would cause the cataclysmic earthquake and completely transform the earth. Reversal of time will cause mankind to rise from
the grave and come back alive. The whole event is described in the Quran with extreme precision including arrangements to remove
human kind from regressive effects of time reversal to beyond this universe to some other dimension.
It is God, Who sends the winds and they raise a cloud, then leads it to a dead land and revives the earth
after its death Such is the Resurrection. Qur'an 35:9