The following verses describe the Day of Judgment in a comprehensive manner. The Day of Judgment will start with the final
earthquake causing the earth to literally explode, throw out all its insides and transform into a hollow sphere. The hollowed earth will
have the sky towards its center. Time would be running backward and mankind will begin to rise from the graves coming back alive,
one after another, "in scattered groups". The history of nations will be played back with the reversal of time.  Nations as well as
people will be totally powerless caught in the backward flow of time. They will helplessly reenact and witness their own deeds of the
past. This drama will continue until each one of us is removed to beyond the dying universe through the gates in the center sky by the
angels of the grand decent.

When earth is shaken with her final earthquake. Quran 99:1
             Time and gravity are closely linked. Unlike electricity and magnetism gravity is only an attractive force. There is no repulsive
gravity in the expanding universe in which we live now. Some physicists feel that in the contracting universe time can reverse if gravity
also reverses. Quran appears to be describing both the reversal of time and gravity. The reversal of gravity will cause it to become a
repulsive force; this will cause the earth to literally explode. The mountains will fall apart and red-hot lava will be thrown out lighting up
the sky like molten copper.

The earth with the mountains shall be lifted and crushed with one crash. Quran 69:14

When the sky will be like molten copper and the hills will be like flakes of wool. Quran 70:8, 9
Quran 84: 3 & 4
And when the earth is spread out (3) And hath cast out all that was in her, and is empty (4)

On the day when the earth will be changed other than this earth and the heavens also
and they will come forth unto God, The One The Almighty.
Quran 14:48
                                                                                           THE SMOOTH OUTER SURFACE OF THE EARTH

             However, the outer surface of the earth will be made from the liquid lava that is at the present time inside the earth, thus it
will become smooth without any mountains, hills, valleys or any kind of unevenness.
Qur'an Chapter 20 Verse 105-107
They will ask about the mountains, say:  My Lord will break them into scattered dust and
leave it (earth) as an empty plane,  so you see neither curve nor ruggedness.
            The reversal of gravity will cause earth to expand outwards, throwing out all of its insides. The mass of the earth however,
will not disperse, as reversal of time will be directing all the matter to return to its previous position in time. Thus, time and gravity will
become opposing forces and earth will transform into a large sphere empty from inside with the sky with sky trans-located toward its
center. The inner surface of the hollowed earth will be the exact-replica of the present day earth as time plays backwards.

                                                 EARTH: "EMPTY" FROM INSIDE WITH THE SKY IN ITS CENTER
               The gravity of the earth will be focused toward its center and this will have a runaway effect on space with faster contraction
causing faster time and lead to opening of holes or gates to the beyond. This important mechanism will provide escape from the
regressive effect of reversed time and the dying universe and is discussed in greater detail in the next few pages.  
When Earth is shaken with her (final) earthquake, And Earth yieldeth up her burdens,  And man saith:
What aileth her?  That day she will relate her chronicles,  Because you creator inspires her. That day
mankind will issue forth in scattered groups to be shown their deeds. And whoso does good an atom's
weight will see it then, And whoso does ill an atom's weight will see it then. Quran 99:1-8