Man is given a free will to choose between right and wrong in the expanding universe, that is, when all his deeds are recorded
in time. In the contracting universe, there will be no free will, and no one will have power to do harm or good to others, or change
anything that they have done in their previous life.
           Time is one of the most elusive mysteries of the universe. No one knows what time really is. Time passes slowly within
objects moving at speeds close to that of light and stops altogether at the speed of light. Time also slows near massive objects like
earth, sun, neutron stars where expansion of space is slower, and almost stops inside the super massive stars “the black holes,"
where the expansion of space would have almost stopped linking time to the
expansion of the universe.

           Time has a direction, it always moves towards the future. We see rain falling from the sky, objects breaking up, people getting
older, and people dying. We do not see a glass becoming "unbroken" or anyone returning from the dead. That could happen only if
time ran backwards. Some physicists like Michael Berry, Thomas Gold, and Steven Hawking have proposed that time may reverse
when the universe begins to contract. Verses in the Quran suggest that one day the universe will start contracting and this will coincide
with beginning of the Day of Judgment
when all life will be recreated with the reversal of time.
                                                                                                                     THE REVERSAL OF TIME
           In the above verse, "The Day" means The Day of Judgment and the contraction of the universe, is compared to the closing of
a scroll. This is when time and gravity will reverse.  Earth would then transform into a hollow sphere with sky towards its center.
Mankind will rise from the grave in this transformed earth and rise from the grave and come back alive. Every event will be replayed
again as everything has been recorded in time.
Qur'an Chapter 45 Verse 29
This book pronounces against you with truth We have caused (all) you did to be recorded. (In time).
Chapter 27 Verse 75
And there is nothing hidden in the heavens, or the earth, but it is a clear record (in time). Qur'an
               As the history of earth runs backwards through time, nations will return one after another. All the good and evil deeds of
the individual as well as that of the nations will become completely apparent as time reversal occurs.   
Qur'an Chapter 45 Verse 28 (time reversal)
And you will see each nation humbled, each nation called to its record.
And it will be said to them: This day you are repaid for what you used to do
           The playing back of time will cause people to see what they had done previously.  They will have no control over their hands,
feet, mouths, and eyes. All the wrong and right things that were done before by them will be repeated again.  In this sense, the
mouths, hands, and feet, will become witnesses against them in front of the angels and God, and they will not be able to deny any of
their wrong doings.
Qur'an Chapter 24 Verse 24 (time reversal)
On the day when their tongues and their hands and their feet testify against them as to what they used to do.
Qur'an Chapter 78 Verse 40
We warn you of doom at hand. A day when a man will look on that his own hand has sent before,
and the non-believers will cry: "Wish that we were dust.”
Qur'an Chapter 77 Verse 11
And, the messengers are brought into their time appointed.
(The prophets will be returned into their time as time runs backwards)
Qur'an Chapter 82 Verse 19
A day when no soul has power at all over any other soul, The absolute command on that day is God's.
           Below is a graphic depiction of earth transformed into a  hollow sphere. Within this transformed earth the sky will be in
the center and everything will be the exact replica of our present day earth.
"The day" when, We shall roll up the heavens as a recorder rolls up a written scroll.
As, We began the first creation We shall repeat it. Quran: 104:21